Sunday, January 06, 2008

Some things we have done in the last couple of months.

Last night at Magical Eden. Can you see the snow falling? Josh & his friend Dan.
Great Grandma Cummings
Ian and Sarah came over on Boxing Day we had fun taking photos of each other over brunch.
Sunday 23rd December.
After the disappointment at the Lamorna Cove outdoor rink, we were wowed by the views from the Minnack Theatre
What a contrast! 2 Cornish Ice rinks we have been to recently, guess which one charges £10? the other was £4? Only in Cornwall can you have such a difference.
My Sister Debbie, had a big Birthday Bash on MY birthday! Just because we share the same day, I let her show off that she is 11 years younger than me.
other pics are Josh listening to Granddad and Matt with his Dad.

I can't believe this but, I'm back on the blog at last!!

New Year, I thought I will just try one more time to get my blog working again (I had a problem with it not accepting my password) Wow!!!!! It works!
Such a lot has happened!
The big change is that WE are now Grandparents to the most lovely baby, Arthur.
Here he is looking very at home even though he is just 2 days old in this picture.
I just love it when tiny babies stretch their arms about, they look so cute.
Robert and Sarah are so pleased, that he is just so wonderful. He feeds, SLEEPS, not sicky at all and seems very content. Maude, the cat, is coming to terms with not being sole owner of the household servants and is very gracious to this new king.