Saturday, July 07, 2007

Sarah & Rob came to Falmouth for a break but the weather didn't!

Almost a year on from the wedding and perhaps even happier with each other, thrilled to be having Arthur, baby on the way (he doesn't check in till late November).
The weather last August was far better than this June, but it was great to see Sarah & Rob.
It was cold and wet here most of the weekend they were here which was a shame. Dressed for autumn rather than summer at Pendennis Castle.

Logos II team visit Langholme

It does seem quite a while ago now, yet it is still well remembered at Langholme, where I work.
That afternoon, we saw the Mexican Hat Dance performed and heard about the life on board the Logos II as a floating christian community drawn from over 45 countries, numbering 200 people mostly young singles. Their stories were quite uplifting, a glimpse of faith in Jesus Christ ( not always sweetness & light but of sharing in the reality of living humbly with forgivness and joy). This was quite inspiring for so many older christians some of whom had been missionaries others stalwarts of their home churches.