Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Beach Treasures at Helford Passage

We had a lovely walk along the beach at Helford Passage. Cold, but glorious sunshine. Great fun.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Sunday Afternoon in Falmouth.

The catkins are what you would expect on a little jaunt arround the English coast but, this THE CORNISH COAST! So what have we here? Cornish Asparagus? Secret missile? Sureal plant? These will get even taller! It is an Agave from Mexico. Sadly when it flowers it will die, but until then; eat your hearts out Eden and Kew!
There were so many people out enjoying the weather this afternoon. We've seen less in high summer! Some swimming off the beach; many families playing cricket or ball and loads of dogs on the beach with their owners. The cafe and the ice cream vans had big queues.
Signs of Spring everywhere today on our stroll. I am not sure what I think the pink flower thing is but,we had lots of it at Chilcompton, it spreads like a weed. Yet on a day like today it was good to see it, enjoying the sun like us! The castle looked splendid in the afternoon sun. The Agaves( there are two) on the sea front are getting obscenely bigger by the day, this is the larger of the two.
A glorious sunset at the end of our walk along the sea front at Falmouth.