Monday, May 28, 2007

Zimming arround in Falmouth

On our recent mystery trip. We had a great time even though it poured with rain. I Saw this on BBC2 tonight. (click on the link below) it was interesting programme about the problems of old age. The home I am involved with, does try to get people out and about as well as me providing some interesting activities. But quite often older people limit themselves with their own prejudices of old age that they picked up when they were younger. Also fear of falling and stiff muscles put a lot off having a go at new things, the been there done that syndrome is also difficult to crack too. Depression & bereavment are not easy to reach into. But we do manage a few good laughs every day!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Strange goings on at Trelissick

These remind me of the Moomins, long ago on childrens TV. Molly Harwood, a previous neighbour from Chilcompton; fashioned these interesting, leather and steel Triffids on show at Trelissick. We think She has a great job, they suit the area and bring interest. Some things that the Students at our local University on the Comtempory Crafts couse have created at Trelissick Gardens this week
Chris was in Merthen all the time not Golden Gear as he was in the A crew! He had a fantastic time and they finished 24 th over all. The atmosphere is amazing almost like an Olympic games village as every team is there for whole w/end! Chris came home hoarse from all the sea Shanty singing in the pubs.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Gigs,Gigs and more Gigs

Chris is 2nd left in the Gig called GOLDEN GEAR
There were over a hundred Gigs lined up for the start of the main race today. St Agnes to St Mary's is the longest race. Looks like it was brilliant conditions for them. An amazing thing to be part of, LUCKY CHRIS.
These pictures are from the BBC/Cornwall you can see more pictures there.

Friday, May 04, 2007

Isles Of Scilly Gig World Championships

Chris is going flat out to win
Chris is in the Pilot Gig World Championships 2007. CLICK
Check out how its going & how well Chris's club is doing this year. Hope to post some Pics of this year ASAP
He rows for Helford River 'A' crew. Their Gigs are called Merthen, Helford & Golden Gear
His 1st race is tomorrow but it maybe postponed or even called off if the sea fog is too heavy.
*Matthew's Sticky Bench is going to Grand Designs Live in London, June 8th to 10th.
His college has told him it has been chosen to go!