Wednesday, March 22, 2006

This is a very famous religious site here in Cornwall. This is Gwennap Pit. Where Matthew is standing is where John Wesley preached to thousands of ordinary Miners (tiners) who had walked from the surrounding Tin mining area to hear him preach. He came not once but 18 times between 1762-89 the highest number at one time was suposed to be an amazing 30 thousand!! The tinners were impressed that he wanted to share the Good News of the Love of God with such ordinanary people. This natural hollow was set in formal circles after Wesley's death as a memorial by the local Mine Captains in 1806.,

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Can you believe that we have been out walking this early ? Yesterday we saw a badger sauntering out of the entrance of The Falmouth Hotel!(on the right of picture). He was the size of a WestieTerrier dog, the badger suddenly noticed us and froze for a moment, carried on a few paces froze again, then after a few more paces legged it, as fast as he could. Shame I had forgotten the camera as he was not about today. Steve said "So amazing to see in real life not on TV or as road kill at the side of the road."

Friday, March 17, 2006

Ready, set, go... Come on if you run & swim this could be fun or madness! How tough are the visitors & locals in Falmouth? I think we might have an idea on Saturday June10th check out this on their events page is the Falmouth Aquathlon. If you are a novice it is just a short swim off the local beach (Gyllynvase) 400m then hit the road for a few laps 4km round our very scenic castle headland. Of course if you are a proper athlete you will prefer 1500m swim &10km run. I think this will be fantastic to watch and if only I could get fit....

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Falmouth Art Gallery has a fantastic show on at the moment. The show is titled Posers and has an incredible range of the fameous and infameous juxtaposed with the everyday and curious images. It is such a small friendly gallery and aims to fasinate small, tiny children as well as us adults! It's a great place to think.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

This bird has a brain! it stayed in today. The kitchen garden is one where you might expect Mr McGreggor could be looking out for Peter Rabbit. The Lost Gardens of Heligan. They were found near Mevagissey, the other side of St Austell. I can't believe that we went there for a picnic lunch ( well we did take hot soup too) were we ready for an adventure in endurance? Through driving misty rain,you know the sort, that makes you cold, deep down into yourself. We set off for the Jungle.

But strangely some boardwalks placed all along the route round the jungle, seem to make the experience feel like urban wild zoo with the added thrill of slipping on the very steep paths. The rain was relentless, but it was still worth exploring, quite different to Trebah yet oddly very like.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

What a most glorious sight ! On such a grey and stormy day. This is a field near Rosemullion Head not far from home. It was worth stopping the car to take in this view. I wish I had taken a better photo, but you have to just stand there in the wind and rain for a really heart singing to God moment. In the summer this is always a stunning view out to sea but usually has only a common crop. These daffodils really gladden the heart. In the summer these same bulbs will be on sale as truly Cornish souvenirs.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Back on a bike again! It is now more than 3 months since my Dad, Les, had his heart operation and I am pleased to say he is now doing very well. He is back doing a lot of things he has always enjoyed, maybe not with as much stamina as he is used to, but he is working hard at that as he wants to be out there! Last week Mum and Dad were at a dinner dance till after midnight. Dad is also able to drive again too, so he is off out wherever, not bad for over 81, an inspiration to us youngsters!! Keep on going Dad.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

There was a dusting of icy snow when we woke on thursday, however it had melted, well before the soup was served. The steaming hot Lentil and Tomato soup went down very well after such a chilly start to the day. This soup was totally unique as it was 'blended' (several lots made in various homes tipped into a large pot!). People of all ages came along and you can see by this picture taken at the end what a great buzz there was. We raised over £95 for the Overseas Fund of the Mothers' Union not a huge ammount I know but we only charged £2 a head and we didn't even run a raffle to save hassle. Please check out the MU website to find out what sort of projects the money will be used on. Roy, our local Bishop, has just returned from South Africa this week,he has been visiting a region called Umzimvubu, where he saw that MU were leading the most practical Aids/hiv education projects and the local MU were running many feeding stations at local schools for orphans of Aids. Our Diocese of Truro is linking with this diocese of Umzimvubu because the people there are very rich in faith and have alot to teach us, despite being materially very poor.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Isla comes to visit Owen Bunza Rabbit