Sunday, December 17, 2006

Sunday Afternoon in the garden

Even in winter these look amazing Owen enjoying gardening. Chris has been trying to dig out a tree stump by the shed; so Owen decided to lend a paw or two but he thought he should look out for any tasty roots that might come up!

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Pampering Gift Baskets for Women staying in Refuges in Cornwall

Special Carol Service at Mawnan Smith for the Local Mothers Union groups. We all took along the baskets we had made up from generous donations from our own churches & MU members. They will be given to the Local Womens Refuges soon. Life is very hardfor women who have had to flee their homes for safety they often leave so much behind, often they have very low self esteem we hope these gifts make them feel cared about.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

This is for my Mum

Mum enjoys Knitting; so I know she would have enjoyed seeing this at the Eden Project! The angel on the top is knitting a scarf/ garland. Is that you Mum? David with his girlfriend, Maddie. She couldn't make it to lunch so we met up later.

A typical week of events

Charlie's Angels Toddler group which we run in the church every Thursday. Beavers, Cubs & Scouts providing entertainment at Langholme where I work as the Activities Co- ordinator. Kidz Klub sing us the Wish Song that was recorded at King Charles School for NSPCC. We average about 65 Children to this Fun afterschool Club. Some of the things I get up to during the week
This is inside a multi-storey car park in Bristol for either mice or little men!!!

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Florence and Esme had enjoyed seeing the "Billy Goats Gruff" at the Theatre the day before with their Mum, Diana. Even the youngest cousins are no longer little. It was lovely to see them all. Harry playing with Knex he's growing up fast now & getting chatty. We went away this week for Half Term to visit our family Beth from Bristol is growing up and is in the top end of the juniors is looking forward to when she chooses which secondary school next year. She enjoys making things. Harry her brother, thinks it's great to be out in the garden with his Dad; messing about in his car scrunching over the apples that have fallen from their beautiful trees.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Hi I'm back

Last Christmas time our local MU groups got together to make up some Pampering Basket gift sets for the Mums who have had to take their famillies to live at the local Womens Refuges because of violent partners. Their children get gifts from the Lions/ Rotary etc but the Mums are often forgotten. This a picture taken for the local paper 8 last year after a Carol Service before all the gift baskets were taken to the refuges in time for Christmas. We are doing it all again this year! As the Mums were so moved to have been thought about at all, they thought people didn't care about them. Over the last month I have been so busy! The big thing has been starting a toddler group in the back of the church!!! After a morning of prayer with our local cluster of Mothers' Union groups based on the theme of "Answering God's Call." A couple of weeks later, our own group was challenged to set up a toddler group. Parents of children who were being baptised asked about if there could be some sort of support group to teach them how to talk about God & faith with their children. This is what MU is about is it not? But our members are not spring chickens, some are in their 80's but were encouraged by the story of Anna in the temple (Luke ch 2 v 36-38) So with advice, support from the church and lots of prayer Charlie's Angels has begun this september!! Our older members are playing an active role and we have a few other members of our church included as well. It is great fun. We meet every Thursday lots of play & toys with a small singing/prayer/ story spot in the middle up in the Chancel; the tots all have each a little cushion to sit on with Charlie Bear beside them. Afterwards they go back down to a table for fruit & biscuit with a drink of apple juice. The adults have a lovely cup of tea when the children are playing again. All the ages get on so well together it is so wonderful. What else can I say but Thank you Lord, Jesus, for all your Love for us all.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Fancy Dress to Fashion Shoot

Impromtu poses as opposed to the cat walk style models and side shows of the event. I didn't get a photo of THE BUDGIE MAN but click on this to see what a crazy show that was it so nutty & cheezy a great laugh When we were in London for the big boat race, the Mayor's Thames Festival was also happening here are a few pics that show what fun it was

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

on time alone ....3rd!

Here they come! All the way from Cornwall! The flag of St Piran, patron saint of Cornwall, proudly flying. This is at Hamersmith Bridge. A Dragon boat must have lost it's head in London in all the commotion.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Biggest Rowing Boat?????

This is Helford Gig Club's newest boat, built specially for the London race on the Thames next week! 22 rowers required & 2 passengers including the Cox. The seats are fixed (they don't move at all, just a bit of padding). Are they Mad??? It has to be transported in 3 sections up to London, for The Mayor's Thames Festival sep16-17 from noon a free event.

Wild Fish

Viewed from the underwater windows at Falmouth Maritime Museum.

Evening walk round Porthloo Beach

The skies are awe inspiring.

Random views of St Mary's

Prehistoric village settlement overlooked by the BBC tower. Josh enjoying Hot Chocolate and the view. Pelistry Bay. Josh enjoyed giving rides arround the camp to Tom & Sam on their Dad's Bike!

Bewildered on Bryher!

The Hell Bay Hotel has wonderful comfy chairs and seems like it has their pension fund on the walls! Great coffee too. Just as well we had refueled before we lost our way. The view from Sampson Hill helped us find our way back to the Quay in time to catch the ferry back to St Mary's. Each Island is quite different. The Castle is on Tresco as seen from Bryher. We think the bay is Rushy Bay as made famous by the children's author Michael Morpurgo. Although the isles are small it is easy to lose your bearings!

Monday, September 04, 2006

St Agnes day outing

St Agnes has a small conjoined twin island called The Gugh linked by a wide sand bar that is only covered at high tide as seen below. We climbed up and admired the view back to St Mary's Island (Josh is gazing out towards our Campsite The Garrison ) We also found Obadiah's Barrow Entrance Grave a Neolithic/Bronze Age C25th/5th BC. Josh was quite thrilled to find this as we had seen finds from this one in the St Mary's Museum the previous day. We also enjoyed finding the excellent one & only Pub The Turks Head. The campsite on St Agnes did offer a closer view of the Bishops Rock lighthouse and the loos, showers, laundry & washing up rooms were more than adequate but in bad weather I would not enjoy being that close to the sea!!! Also a bit dodgy with small children too...