Sunday, April 15, 2007

Theme Park Land

RFA Mounts Bay receiving the freedom of the Town of Falmouth this afternoon. Is this almost like a parade in Trumpton? It was filmed for local ITV as a news item. Linking the ship to Falmouth is good for business in town & with the Docks. The Navy also experience good PR for recruiting. The French Navy afterwards engaged our Navy on the boating pool in the Maritime museum. Good fun but, Steve says (when asked about which was the best ride in Flambards) "THE RIDE HOME!" He is not a lover of thrill rides. This has been a sureal weekend first a day at Flambards near Helston a tame theme park. Josh really loved the rollercoaster best.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Grandad's Reminiscense treasures

The popular guide to the German Army was handed out to all those in the Home Guard, so they would know what to do if they actually invaded!!!

Dad was in port in Capetown one christmas, their ship's company was invited up to the Balmoral Hotel. Where they slept Christmas Eve when they woke in the morning they found each had a gift! Dad's was a hand knitted white roll neck jumper that lasted him many years. Mum said she wondered where that came from! Dad has kept the Christmas labels that were stitched on to it.