Thursday, August 20, 2009

Meanwhile back at the Ranch....

This is Flora, who is staying for the week
A Cow arrives at Langholme to the amusment of the Residents

Sunday, July 06, 2008

At the recent 3D Show at the local University these chaps from my Care Home were very interested in this wooden bike, like would it work!
Arthur my grandson is now 6 months old and doing very well. He has been crawling quite a while now and he is very lively and inquisitive too.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Some things we have done in the last couple of months.

Last night at Magical Eden. Can you see the snow falling? Josh & his friend Dan.
Great Grandma Cummings
Ian and Sarah came over on Boxing Day we had fun taking photos of each other over brunch.
Sunday 23rd December.
After the disappointment at the Lamorna Cove outdoor rink, we were wowed by the views from the Minnack Theatre
What a contrast! 2 Cornish Ice rinks we have been to recently, guess which one charges £10? the other was £4? Only in Cornwall can you have such a difference.
My Sister Debbie, had a big Birthday Bash on MY birthday! Just because we share the same day, I let her show off that she is 11 years younger than me.
other pics are Josh listening to Granddad and Matt with his Dad.

I can't believe this but, I'm back on the blog at last!!

New Year, I thought I will just try one more time to get my blog working again (I had a problem with it not accepting my password) Wow!!!!! It works!
Such a lot has happened!
The big change is that WE are now Grandparents to the most lovely baby, Arthur.
Here he is looking very at home even though he is just 2 days old in this picture.
I just love it when tiny babies stretch their arms about, they look so cute.
Robert and Sarah are so pleased, that he is just so wonderful. He feeds, SLEEPS, not sicky at all and seems very content. Maude, the cat, is coming to terms with not being sole owner of the household servants and is very gracious to this new king.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Sarah & Rob came to Falmouth for a break but the weather didn't!

Almost a year on from the wedding and perhaps even happier with each other, thrilled to be having Arthur, baby on the way (he doesn't check in till late November).
The weather last August was far better than this June, but it was great to see Sarah & Rob.
It was cold and wet here most of the weekend they were here which was a shame. Dressed for autumn rather than summer at Pendennis Castle.

Logos II team visit Langholme

It does seem quite a while ago now, yet it is still well remembered at Langholme, where I work.
That afternoon, we saw the Mexican Hat Dance performed and heard about the life on board the Logos II as a floating christian community drawn from over 45 countries, numbering 200 people mostly young singles. Their stories were quite uplifting, a glimpse of faith in Jesus Christ ( not always sweetness & light but of sharing in the reality of living humbly with forgivness and joy). This was quite inspiring for so many older christians some of whom had been missionaries others stalwarts of their home churches.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007


A great evening for a welcome parade!
The Grand Parade through Falmouth to the Ship was led by 2 pipers, our town Mayor & the crew of the ship were in their own national costumes. The Guides,Brownies, Beavers, Cubs and Scouts were all part of the procession. It caused quite an atmosphere and a lot of curiosity!

Monday, May 28, 2007

Zimming arround in Falmouth

On our recent mystery trip. We had a great time even though it poured with rain. I Saw this on BBC2 tonight. (click on the link below) it was interesting programme about the problems of old age. The home I am involved with, does try to get people out and about as well as me providing some interesting activities. But quite often older people limit themselves with their own prejudices of old age that they picked up when they were younger. Also fear of falling and stiff muscles put a lot off having a go at new things, the been there done that syndrome is also difficult to crack too. Depression & bereavment are not easy to reach into. But we do manage a few good laughs every day!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Strange goings on at Trelissick

These remind me of the Moomins, long ago on childrens TV. Molly Harwood, a previous neighbour from Chilcompton; fashioned these interesting, leather and steel Triffids on show at Trelissick. We think She has a great job, they suit the area and bring interest. Some things that the Students at our local University on the Comtempory Crafts couse have created at Trelissick Gardens this week
Chris was in Merthen all the time not Golden Gear as he was in the A crew! He had a fantastic time and they finished 24 th over all. The atmosphere is amazing almost like an Olympic games village as every team is there for whole w/end! Chris came home hoarse from all the sea Shanty singing in the pubs.